Our Story

Amir and Reuven, who have a property business together in North London, were unexpectedly inspired to follow a new path. A personal experience opened their eyes to the growing need for casual and easily accessible vegan street food. The kind that is easy, fun, inclusive and convenient. Everyone loves a burger, right?


VBurger started out with an observation during Reuven’s travels abroad. He was very specific about the types of foods he was happy to eat, and was surprised, even a little frustrated, at how difficult it was to find readily available, fast vegan food. There were vegan friendly restaurants here and there, if you knew where to go and were prepared to pay the price. But as a traveller, he was looking for quick and unfussy vegan burgers on the go.


Reuven and Amir instantly loved the idea of opening a vegan burger bar in the heart of London for all to enjoy. The first port of call was a knock on Yossi Edri’s door. A close friend and a professional vegetarian and vegan chef, he was the perfect partner. He loved the idea and was instantly on board. Needless to say, also designed the menu.


Camden Market was chosen as the flagship bar for its lively atmosphere and wonderful mix of people. The founders plan to open more VBurger bars in time.

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Our vision

The team at VBurger have a variety of dietary preferences, and it was this diversity that inspired us to create a simple plant-based burger bar that works for everyone. We believe that anyone should be able to enjoy fast, delicious street food that is also healthy and nutritious. We think you’ll love our quality burgers. They’re moreish, unfussy, bold and bursting with flavour.

Whatever your fancy, we’d love to welcome you to VBurger.

Ridiculously Delicious Vegan Burgers

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