VBurger co-founders, Amir and Reuven, who had been running a property business together in North London for the past few years, came across an unexpected opportunity that has taken them down a very different path.

All roads lead to burgers, right?

VBurger actually started out with a simple observation during Reuven’s travels. Being very specific about the types of foods he was happy to eat, he was unpleasantly surprised, even a little frustrated, at how difficult it was to find readily available vegan food. Sure, there were vegan friendly restaurants here and there, if you knew where to go and were prepared to pay the price. But as a traveller, he was looking for quick and unfussy food on the move.

Sharing his experience with Amir when he was back in London, they were inspired to open a vegan burger bar which was accessible, casual, fun, and convenient for all to enjoy.

The first port of call was a knock on Yossi Edri’s door. A close friend and a professional vegetarian and vegan chef, he was the perfect partner. He loved the idea. Needless to say, he designed the plant-based menu.

Camden Market was chosen as the flagship bar for its lively atmosphere and wonderful mix of people. But stay tuned for more burger bars openings over the coming months.

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Ridiculously Delicious Vegan Burgers

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